Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 10

This week was really fast for me. I didn't get a chance to take very many pictures unfortunately but I will try to do better. 
We are working on finding all the members of our branch here. It's so crazy, there are 27 pages of members and we have only very few who actually attend church on a regular basis. We began to look for people, its strange here because addresses don't always exist and numbers don't always add up. We can walk down a street and the numbers will go 90, 39, 95 and sometimes they just jump around like crazy. There are also some streets have two different names or go in circles, it makes me miss the grid system in Utah knowing right where you are and how to get where you are going. 
We began looking for some people on our list that we had an address for but most of the time we just walk all day looking for people asking all the shop owners if they know where the address is or if they even have heard of the person. Sometimes we get lucky, but most of the time, we end up walking in circles. That is our joke that that is our favorite thing to do, walk in circles. One of the last couple of days we walked up and down this street like 4 times trying to figure out the numbers and it turns out the numbers don't always match up on both sides of the road. So that was fun. We walked from 16th Street to 8th street. Most of the time we never even find the person but on one day this week we got really lucky and ended up finding 4 of the names for the day. One of them had died 20 years ago and no one had updated the record. No wonder she was inactive!!!! We also met with a member to see why she wasn't coming to church and some how someone got the record all wrong. Her brother was baptized and taught, not her.  How crazy is that, but it led us to meet with her father-in-law who is very nice to us and is going to let us teach him a little. We also had a baptism this week a less-active family who is returning had their daughter baptized on Saturday by her father. It's so  fun to meet with them. They have the cutest little 1 yr old and an 8 yr old. The 1 yr old is warming up to me and constantly comes and shakes my hand its so cute. The 8 yr old reminds me of Bria, she pulls out her BOM reader every lesson and tells us the stories in the BOM. We are also teaching a 9 yr old boy as well.  He comes from a part-member family and is the last to be baptized. He is so cute. He sits and listens so intently and is trying so hard to learn so that he can be baptized. It's really cute and his family is so sweet to us. They stop everything they are doing just to listen. I think of Bria every time and how excited she is to be baptized. School just got out this week and they will go back the end of June. So everyone is going on vacation or going out of town. This morning, we all played volleyball and basketball as a group it was really fun to get out and do something fun and exercise. 
On Saturday, we attended a Relief Society activity where we got massages and most everyone does reflexology. I asked what that is because it looked like a foot zone and it is. Isn't that cool? 
My heart broke this week as we learned that one of our members had something happen in her family and the daughter she has been raising but is actually her niece was taken from her and then they were forced out of their house. I feel so bad for her to lose all that she has. 
We have General Conference the week after you here and get to watch all of it in the district center. This week is Holy week here and I hear that I will see some really strange things because this is the one holiday that everyone celebrates. It's the only time that people don't work. I was reading this week in Alma about the  Anti-nephi-lehi's and how willing they were to lay down their lives and their weapons because they understood the Plan of Salvation.
 Mahal ko kayo
Sister Hansen 

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