Monday, March 9, 2015

Facebook to the Rescue

There is a wonderful man, whom I hope to meet some day, that made my day! He must be serving in the office in the mission. Anyway, he posted all these photos and we were lucky enough to have Teesh and her traveling buddies from the Provo MTC, ride with him, so that means Teesh is in a lot of photos. If you only knew how much these photos have made me smile. I love how this elder has documented all the little details(man after my own heart) He mentions how this will be the last group of missionaries he will be welcoming into the mission, so I feel super extra blessed.
In this photo, Teesh, Sister Gibbs, and Sister Edrington are front row girls during orientation.

This is all the new missionaries with their trainers. Obviously there were a lot more missionaries that attended the Manila MTC than Provo. Can you see the 4 Caucasian sisters in the bunch. President and Sister Dahle are from Lehi Utah. They are front and center in the photo below.

This is a pretty common scene(according to the elder serving in the mission office) The dogs are all pretty skinny and are sometimes people's dinner. Hungry anyone?
This is a common street market.
 Teesh with her trainer. Sister Sarah Jane Sardo Aggasid. I had a sweet, recently returned, sister reach out to me and let me know she trained Teesh's  trainer. She said that you wouldn't find a more patient, loving and kind sister than Sister Aggasid. I cried tears of joy when I received that message,  those were the exact words I have been praying for Teesh in a trainer. The Lord hears and answers prayers.
Mission President wife and MTC Companion, Sister Gibbs

I laughed with this photo. Teesh rarely ate fresh vegetables in the MTC. She said all the vegetables were either cooked or canned. She said "I can't wait to eat fresh vegetables in the Philippines".Well sweetie, your wish has been granted.

Teesh must have been in her interview with the President in this shot but here are her three traveling buddies.

This was the last lunch served before sending the missionaries out into the field. Good luck missionaries. Go find those souls searching for the gospel.

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