Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 7 & 8

I will start with the last few days in Provo, and continue up until now. We met with Leah for the last time Monday night. She shared with us about a bent nail and gave one to each of us. She told us that as we see ourselves as the bent nails of the world, we are able to help lift each other. She talked about how if we continue to beat each other on the head all we do is continue to bend ourselves more, but if we help lift one another at the back, we can all help one another to become the best that we can be and we can become closer to becoming straight again. It is also important for us to remember we don't need to be perfectly straight in order to return to our Father in Heaven. On Tuesday 
We sang our last song for choir in Provo, we sang" Be still My Soul".
Traveling was hard. We were all so exhausted. 
We had to be up so early and were traveling so long and then did not get to the Manila MTC until almost midnight on Saturday. We lost 2 days between flying and the time zone.dWhenWWhenhenWehnWehn 

The MTC is so nice. It is just like a really nice resort, even for America. The drivers here are scary. No one obey's the laws of the road and everyone tries to get as close as they can to the other cars. President Trask was so great. We learned while there that he had only been there 6 weeks. He is really laid back but the previous president was like a drill sergeant. So we always went to him to ask if we could do some things knowing our other teachers would be mad at us for not following our schedules. 
We got to go to the temple grounds and take pictures since it was closed. We also got locked in our classroom and had to have someone come take the doorknob off to let us out. We all studied outside one night and there were these cats chasing each other around. We were laughing our heads off at them and narrating their story. Also, we chased some toads/frogs around it was really fun. I didn't get a picture though. We watched Legacy that night too and it was so cute all the Filipino missionaries were giggled in the kissing scenes. They are so cute. Everywhere we would go, they would say, "Hello, sisters". On our first day they came in while we were doing service and were helping us and talking with us. We got to proselyte in Manila. I was with a sister from New Zealand. We also had a room check and so we all spent time cleaning and getting ready. When the sisters came in and asked if the room was alright for us, we laughed a little at the misunderstanding of a room-check.  

Now I am here in the Olongapo East Zone and in the East and West Tapinac.  I learned yesterday that there are 6 missionaries in this branch with me. That is so weird I am used to only a few missionaries for a stake. Our schedule is weird because we don't leave the apartment until 2 some days and by 3 most everyone is taking a nap because it is so hot. We are going into summer here. My housemates are Sister Aggasid (companion) and Sister Potestad, and Sister Lucillo. I ate a little fried fish that looked nasty and I went to a funeral that was outdoors it was so strange. I got to see Sister Goodman at our District Meeting and that was really great to see a familiar face from Provo. 
We are called a batch that came in and its weird because most of the 26 came from Manila and so I don't know them but they all think I do. They also think that because I am from Utah, I know everyone from anywhere in Utah and think I live next to the temple.  If anyone asks as a missionary coming here I would definitely recommend somethings like half socks.  I didn't realize it but most everyone wears them here. I have seen a couple cockroaches and they are not my favorite. For everyone preparing to come it is hard, there is no getting around that but just remember that you wont understand a thing and that's all right. You were sent here for a reason. Everyone will love you and want to talk to you. Don't be afraid or worried about anything and you can always email me. President Trask will meet you at the airport in Manila and is so great at helping everyone.
 I love you all and miss you but can't wait until I can speak the language and bring you all back with me to show you all the people. I also had my first baptism this week, Laden she is 14.  She is so cute and excited to be a member which is so great. I am so excited to hear from you all. 
Sister Hansen

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