Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 9--Olongapo East

This week was so great!
 It was also so hard because we lost another member of our MTC District, Sister Goodman. I know that she is where she needs to be. We went shopping on Monday and I got some new clothes. 

This week we went to visit a member in the hospital and wow, that was a culture shock. I had no idea that a hospital could be that dirty. It looked more like a triage unit after a major natural disaster, not a hospital!  I was so heart broken for these people who have nothing. It was so hard because I just kept thinking how is what I am doing actually helping these people, but the truth is, I am helping these people. They live in one-room homes that they pull blankets out on the floor to sleep on but I am making a difference in their lives. I am helping them understand that God is mindful of each person individually and that we will be given all that we need through blessings.
 It's fun every time I am out walking around, I have people come up to me and say, "Hello ma'm" it might be the only English they know, but they are so sweet to try and communicate with me. Even though I don't know what they are saying to me, they try to communicate with me. They all think I am so tall and I wore my hair down yesterday they all said I looked like a barbie doll. Several kids just stare at me and love to come and hug me it is so cute.  Every time I climb into a jeepney or a tricycle, I think how funny it is going to be when we are all here as a family trying to climb into either. I barely fit in a tricycle so I can't wait to see Dad climb in. 

On Friday, I got to go out with the sisters in my area who are a transfer ahead of me here but it turns out we will probably go home the same time. It was so fun to get to talk with them. They are in kind of the same place as I am, just trying to figure it all out. When we were with each other, we were a trio and I got to visit Sister Goodman's apartment. I felt so so sad to see the things she had left there, things like her shoes it reminded me of all that we had together in the MTC and travelling here to the Philippines.It was so fun being together though I get to know one another. After we got everything all ready, we got to go visit people and got to climb a mountain (really you just walk stairs) it's so funny they all thought it was such a huge work out. I was totally used to it from work and so the only think that bothered me was just that it was the hottest part of the day and I just felt gross. 

It's cute every week, we eat out as a district. At our last district meeting, one the missionaries tried to get me to eat balot but luckily they found none. We ate at a place called Jollibee. My trainer asked what I like to eat from Jollibee and didn't understand I have never heard of Jollibee before coming here. It's weird, they have spaghetti at a fast food restaurant. Bria would love it. Everyone asks about my rock necklace and asks if it has a meaning or if I am a geologist. I tell them it's from my mom.
 I love you all and my time is up. I can't wait to write again next week I pray for you all.

Sister Hansen

Laundry Day!!!!
For FHE Teesh and her companion and housemates playing a game. If you got an incorrect answer, you put a red mark on your face. Looks like fun.

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