Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week 15

This week seemed to fly by and I feel like I don't remember most of what happened. Hopefully I will remember enough. Tuesday was a recently returned member's birthday. So last minute, we threw together an FHE to celebrate his birthday. They are the Javier family. They have 2 of the cutest girls, Shamira is 8 and was just baptized by her father in March and Jillian who will be 2 on Sierra's birthday, July 25th. Jillian is so funny. She is more comfortable with me now and loves to touch my water bottle. She pulls it out and hands it to me. We even got Brother Howard and his wife (an investigator) to join us as well as Brother Joseph's family. We played "Do you love your neighbor" and ate cake and dinner, it was so much fun! 
We are working with this family to help them be endowed in the temple and be sealed as a family soon as well. They were just married in February, so have some time to prepare. 
For the pictures,  we were walking and saw this cute little van. All the cars here are so much tinier than at home. Also, this week President and Sister Dahle worked with us to visit two families and our MCM.  was really cool to work with the mission president. He is such   remarkable man and is so great at sharing the gospel. We taught the Javier family about the priesthood and the roles of men and women in the family. President Dahle explained that he likes to think of the priesthood duty as a backpack that if given to the one who is taking care of everything around the home, the family and everything else it becomes a burden but instead it is given to the one who has less responsibility. It's a way of balancing the responsibility in a family. Sorry if that is confusing. But I think it explains it so well. 
We also taught Sister Nanay Judy, Brother Howard's wife. Brother Howard is American and his wife is a Filipino so they both speak English. It was really cool because she let us teach her.  We showed her a video about receiving revelation and answers to prayers. President Dahle also gave them a really cool promise that I really hope they are doing all they can to obtain.  
This morning has been crazy! We decided to climb Tatlong Crusses (I think) 3 crosses. It's a mountain, hopefully you get some pictures, it was gorgeous. It was just a little foggy, so some of the pictures aren't all that clear. But we got up at 4 am and were supposed to meet the Elders by 5 am.  We got there early. It was so scary, the streets were only semi lit and then there was an either drunk or crazy woman that kept walking towards us so we would cross the street and try to get away from her. Finally, she left us alone and the Elders got there but it was freaky. That was the second time this week for me. Sorry, I know you don't want to hear about our crazy people but its so new to me. 
We met a couple too that was so cool, they speak English. We see them every once in a while but this week we talked with them, they asked if we were Jehovah's Witnesses and asked us a question they ask all the missionaries that talk to them. I knew the answer to their question and can't wait to go back and have a chance to explain to them. I also got a bug bite on my ankle again, so that was fun! I had the Elders give me a blessing last night for it and am taking an antibiotic. We had several brown outs this week which makes it so hot since we have no fans and we are supposed to have another this week. Sister Dahl(my cousin) came to my area this week for a training for leaders. Unfortunately, I was at the hospital visiting one of our less active's who had her baby this week. The poor woman went into labor and was in labor for about 12 hours before they ended up doing a c-section.  She was really nervous for this but you can see the love she has for her daughter already. Her baby was 8 lbs, which looked like a normal baby to me except when you see them next to a regular Filipino baby, she is huge! She is so cute though! Before I forget this week I also saw a rat in our apartment! It freaked me out a little to think that it is living with us. Yesterday, I was looking at my food storage and the rat had eaten through the plastic bag and eaten one of my treats for my 72-hour kit, it was so gross, I pulled all that was left out of the bag and put them in the plastic container, so just a word for the wise about rats they will eat your food :) 

 Teesh and her MTC companion Sister Gibbs from Colorado

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