Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week 16 Mother's Day Sykpe

It was absolutely, hands down, the best part of Mother's Day getting to see and hear this sweet daughter's voice. The connection was not super great but I will take what we got. There was a delay which was fabulous because I would see a smile spread across Teesh's face before she would speak which warmed my heart. We were able to Skype for 2 hours(Lucky, I know!) Teesh spoke in Tagalog and shared some of her favorite things. It was so great to be able to get answers to our questions and see what her living conditions are like, She said it takes over an hour to wash out 5 sets of garments and they dry really fast, only 2 hours. Malia mentioned, "that is fast"? The little things we take for granted here in the states.
Teesh was in an internet cafe filled with all missionaries. You could see them and hear them. Lots of happy mommas for sure. We were able to talk to an elder who is returning the end of this month to South Jordan. He reports his mission on the 14th. We asked if we could come and listen to him report his mission. I know probably a little strange but hey we love missionaries from the Philippines.

Teesh told us about her daily routine and we met her trainer.
Can you believe we are a few days shy of celebrating Sister Hansen serving 4 months.
Isn't Teesh glowing? She is so happy and was smiling constantly, so were we for the record though.
 The majority of our call was off centered but it's ok that we saw a lot of her shoulder. Her mic had a short cord so she had to hold it close to her mouth.

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