Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 19

We had the craziest week, running from appointment to appointment and the rat story lives on! We got to go on exchanges this week so I was in Sister Potestad's area and that was fun to see the people she works with on a daily basis. We spent some of the time getting ready for the Restoration showing. We have been praying it would all work out alright. The rest of the week was pretty much the same. We found out though that two of our investigators who we have been trying so hard to prepare for baptism in June won't be able to be baptized until their mother returns in 2017! Poor things! They are so ready,but I understand too I wouldn't want to miss my children's baptism. We will keep helping them prepare! 
So, that brings us to Friday. We showed up at the Triangle (like a sports court where the film showing would be) and there was a basketball game going on with really tall white men. It was weird to see white people again. But we got all the chairs set up and went around inviting people to stay and join us. In total, we ended up with about 200 people there and got a lot of people's information that we can now go and find and teach! There was even a man who walked up to us and grabbed an invitation from me and look at me like he would only come if I was there, it was weird but he didn't show up. 
Saturday morning, we had our Branch 3 Summer Activity, also another great event. We had a lot of people show up there too! Later that night, President Mangrobang and his family took us to dinner for Elder Longsons last one. When we got home for the night, Sister Potestad said she smelled gas so I went to go check the stove to see if we left the propane on or something and the next thing I know something is flying in my face! The rat was in the stove and jumped at my face!!!! We all screamed and screamed as it ran around the room and was probably scared for its life as were we. Apparently, we were so loud as Sister Shirley, next door neighbor, came running right over asking what was wrong. We told her about the rat and she said we have to catch it and she would kill it for us if we were too afraid to. So we are killing the rat ASAP. I was too freaked out to see where it went but we found out the next morning as I went to get into my desk drawers! The rat went crazy on my stuff! It chewed through plastic bottles and ate through the binding of my bible and chewed on all my books! I don't know why this rat only likes my stuff but it only likes my stuff, maybe a nibble here or there in the other sisters stuff but with mine it goes to town.So I am determined to kill the thing as soon as it gets in the trap. I decided to ask Brother Howard last night to see what he recommended and he lent us a cage that traps the rats inside. So we have that set up to kill the rat! We did a major deep clean this morning cause it got into more of my food last night. So there will be pictures to come if I am still here to kill the rat this week! The Elders said they have a rat in their home as well and that you just learn to always have one in every apartment. This week is transfer week so there are letters and gifts coming to you all, especially to a little b-day girl soon! There are some sweet treats and some fun summer toys that the kids play with here. So have fun with those. If the instructions aren't clear let me know, the English is terrible I know but I made them and they worked! So whenever you get them, have fun and let me know how they work. Love you all 
Sister Hansen      

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