Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 18

This week was a blur, especially as I sit to write this. 
Last monday, we went to a recently returned family's home. They actually own a photography shop so it is fun we get to see them there. They are the most generous family to us and the father told us that when he and his family were taught about the word of wisdom his father had a wall of American Alcohol that would be worth probably a fortune and all it did was sit on the wall but when he was taught about the word of wisdom, he let the missionaries pour all of it down the drain. Wow! What a strong trust in Heavenly Father to do that. To give up such a wonderful collection, not try and sell it, but to just get rid of it and not let it hurt someone else. The same father told us that he was raised to always give to the missionaries and to never let them go without, and even now he is the most generous person to us. He sees us on the street and will stop us, let us sit down, and buy us fresh mangos. We really like it:) 
Another day this week, we went to visit another members home, this man is 88 years old and for a while everyone thought he was dead, turns out he was visiting San Diego. We like to visit him because he is the cutest old man, it reminds me of working in Golden Living. During this appointment he just came from getting a bath and was so talkative. He came around the corner and says, "I smell good now"! He then told us all about this Samoan from Hawaii, we asked what his name was, he said he didn't remember but that if we found him, he would recognize him, we just told him we would look :) It was funny because when we asked to pray he crossed himself and asked if he could make the sign, we just kinda smiled.  For the closing pray, he just said, "thank you for the day" and then sat back in his chair. I just assumed he was done and we said amen! It was so cute. He is the sweetest old man and he is just so cute to go and visit you can tell that as we teach he remembers the doctrines of the gospel but is just so old. Now we are trying to work with him to complete his record, so that it is accurate as to his Priesthood and temple work. Sunday it was really cool as well, there is this less active couple that is less active because of work and family problems that come all the time, who we invite every week we do all that we possibly can to help them come to church and this week they came, and all as a family too! It was so good to see them as a family in the church it was really cool. Also, I am working on writing letters for everyone this week to send them next week with pictures . This week we have so many activities planned and I am so excited to be able to write home about all of them. Tonight we have FHE at a member's home, for our investigators, recent converts and those we are working to reactivate it should be so much fun! Then Friday we are showing The Restoration movie free for anyone who would like to come, and Saturday a branch activity. It should be such a fun week for me. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Mahal Kita
Sister Hansen 
Check out these blue crab. Sister Hansen and her companion were purchasing some shrimp and saw these blue crab. Sister Hansen said the shrimp over there is not at all like here. She doesn't think she will purchase shrimp a second time

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