Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hand Written Letter from Manila MTC

Tuesday 3/10/15
A letter Leticia sent through the mail that we just received

Kamusta po ang pamilya ko,

The MTC in Manila is absolutely beautiful, but the city is a crazy place. We went yesterday to immigration and got to see the city and all of the huge houses and all of the slums and really poor areas. We even saw a prison where people yelled from the windows that they wanted bread. It was heart breaking to see the kids running around half dressed and alone. The rules of the road are that you fill in space unless the car behind you is going faster. Buses are always right. I do not even know how people drive here, it is so crazy. It's cute to be with all of the Filipino's here in the MTC because they stare at us and are always wanting to talk with us and shake our hands. They are all so tiny here, we are not only much taller but we are huge compared to them. They always walk around saying "Hello Sister" It is adorable. We have had some really funny experiences in the MTC. We were studying outside yesterday and it was just about dark when these two cats appeared from out of nowhere and we were narrating their lives while we could see them. They provided the best laughs. Then I saw something jumping around and there was a frog/toad just on the grass by us. I tried to get a picture but couldn't. We ended up seeing 3 frogs that night. So far those have been the craziest animals I have seen. It is so funny here because you tell someone that you are from Utah and they think you know everyone in the whole state of Utah. Sister Goodman and I get asked all the time if we were friends before our missions. We watched Legacy Sunday night and it was so cute to see all the Filipinos cover their eyes or their neighbors in the kissing scene. On Sunday, we also got a cultural lesson and the presenter was laughing his head off at all his jokes. It was so great. Filipinos definitely love to laugh. The last couple of days our schedule has been changing like none other and its funny because one person will ask us why we aren't were we are supposed to be and we will be told something completely different by President Trask(sorry for typo on email) The food here is great you just never ask what it is. Today is my last day in the MTC after tomorrow I am a real missionary. We went proselyting with the missionaries from Manila and actually met the missionaries from Olongapo who we will be replacing and they knew Kim and said she will be training soon. By the time you get this you, will probably know who my trainer is and I'll have emailed home but that's OK. It was crazy to go out proselyting because everyone thought I spoke Ilongo since I am going to Olongapo so that's a scary thought.  Filipinos speak so fast and so quiet that I can barely hear them let alone understand them.
I hope all is well at home and that you all are holding in there. I am here and I've actually eaten some pineapple on accident, of course. I also got told I will pick the language up quick because I speak it well right now. So there's hope. I love you all and can't wait to tell you all of my fun stories from here. When we meet again, love you all. Talk to you soon.
Mahal Kita,
Sister Hansen

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