Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 11

Sorry about last week, the computer I was on just stopped working and froze. 
So much happened this week, it was so crazy. I told my housemates about April Fool's Day and they wanted to prank our Zone leaders. So, we made a plan that we would call them and pull a prank on them. It was so funny. The sisters were so excited, so on Wednesday we called them and Sister Aggasid told them that Sister Potestad and Sister Lucillo were fighting to the point that Sister Lucillo had her bags packed and was ready to leave her mission early. It was so cute because the Elders knew it was a joke but played along anyway. The sisters were so worried we would get in trouble but it turns out the Elders pulled worse pranks on each other. We also got a call later that day while we were out saying we needed to have a 72 hour kit now!  A  typhoon was on its way, we all thought ha ha joke-lang (your pulling our leg) but nope the member that was with us said, "No, it's true, there is a typhoon coming and should hit on Saturday". That freaked me out a little thinking, wow I am going to go through my first typhoon. So we spent most of that day getting me a 72 hour kit and preparing ourselves for the possibility of a typhoon and flooding. A couple days later we received a text that the storm had changed directions and would not come to Olongapo as planned. It was funny they say that the typhoon attacks them :) Instead it was just so so so windy here it made wearing a skirt difficult. So we had a lot of fun trying to get everything all ready for that. Luckily for me, I live somewhat inland and on the 2nd story of an apartment complex so we are above ground and have a 3rd floor. So it would have been unlikely we would have been evacuated. Then on Friday, we had our follow up training from President and Sister Dahle. It was so great, Sister Dahle compared these first 4 weeks to that of a potter who has just picked us, the clay, up and thrown us into this strange place and is molding us to then become something beautiful.  President Dahle spoke about the covenants we entered into at the temple and how those covenants we entered in should be the driving force for missionary work. Then at the end of our mission we are never released from the work that we have entered into for those covenants. It was so great to see all of the people from my district in Provo. I felt so bad for all those who had to travel.  Sunday we had spoken to our recent convert, Elizabeth. She is 17 and has her son Kalvin. She had never before known that he could receive a name and blessing so we worked so hard to get it all set up and then waited and waited and they were not coming. It broke my heart, we wanted this so badly to happen.  Finally, they came and our Branch President, who is great, let him receive a blessing. She was all smiles afterwards and Kalvin is always smiling. He is the cutest thing ever.  Elizabeth has a cousin who we have been teaching, she told us that her parents are now going to let her be baptized. I am thrilled. Since this week was Holy Week, we got to see several parades. It was so cool, I got a ton of pictures and as I was doing that I was swarmed with little bugs, it was awful. The bugs were crawling all over me. Then they never left me alone and they were crawling up my skirt and down my shirt it was so gross! But, I have pictures for you all now so you are welcome.
 I was told that I may see some people whip themselves this week but fortunately I did not. It was just so strange to not have people around all the time. Usually the streets are packed, the mall is packed, but instead they were all closed, chained up and the streets were empty, it was weird to see that. 
Tuesday is Zone Conference for me so we are going today to get new dresses for that. General Conference is this weekend. Also the lizard in the pictures lives in our home we named her Sister Lizzy and her friend Sister Lucy. Pict.101-103 is a tiny kitten I saw just laying in the streets. 127-128 5 day old ducklings 129-131 those are fish just swimming right next to our less actives house 132 is a close up of their cat the thing is so skinny! 135 l-r Me, Elizabeth, Angelica (Kalvin) Sister Aggasid. 
I love you all! Talk to you next week
Sister Hansen

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