Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 14

My first week of transfers! 
I can't believe I have been here in the mission 1 transfer already and 2 of my mission are complete. Transfers definitely go faster here in the mission than the MTC. 
So much happened this week as well, hopefully I can remember them all. So I'll  start with Tuesday, we were teaching an investigator when Sister Potestad gets a text from the zone leaders saying who would be transferred.  Guess whose name was on the list...... my companion. I freaked out just a little since I was not fully prepared for that to happen. We hurried and finished the lesson and went home. Then it hit us, we never got the same text that she did, so we called all the different companionships to see if they got the same text and when we called Elder Bray to see if his companion got the same text,because his name was on the text, saying he would be transferred. We learned he was already transferred the day before so we thought, wow, this must be real Sister Aggasid you better get packing. So she cleaned out her closet and we helped her get packing and then at 6 pm we get another text this is the real transfer list we promise, we were like WHAT!!!
 It was a prank on us and we spent several hours that day doing nothing! Sister Aggasid did not transfer. I am so glad for that.  I'm pretty sure everyone in our zone got a new companion so that is exciting. We picked up Sister Walker, Sister Potestad's new companion. She is from Australia and is my same age. She has been out in the mission 1 transfer more than me. So it's nice to have another native English speaker in our house. 
Our house has been more of a hotel this week as well. On Wednesday, when we came home from work, Sister Potestad and Sister Walker had a another companion, Sister Haufano. She was waiting on something to go home. Then the next day after she left, we got a text asking if a different missionary could work with us before being put in her actual area. So it seems like we have a new housemate every couple of days right now. Also I learned about Ice candy ( a popsicle, like an otter pop) and so we made some and have been eating those like crazy! It's a good way to get a lot of water in right? 
I don't remember if I told you, but last week at Church we talked with a woman and it turns out she was a less active we have been trying to find since I got here. Her whole family is members, they grew up in the church and have become less active. She is due any day now with her first baby, Ella. We have been visiting her to see if she has had her baby yet and I love teaching her. She is so receptive to us and really wants to return to the church with her family. So far, she is over her due date but no baby yet. She looks so hot and miserable right now being pregnant. 
Well, the last thing I have to tell you is we got fed 3 times this week, its a record breaker!!!!!!!
The other sisters have to schedule out their meals and we just are so thankful to be fed. Our first was on Monday. You'll never guess what we ate.... balot and yes, I ate balot for the first time. I didn't get pictures, just a video. So unfortunately I can't send any to you but I am going to see if the family that fed it to us will post them on facebook or something so you can see. Now the question I know you all have, it tasted just like an egg, boiled but was pretty salty. We then got to eat ice cream and sweets after that it was not too bad. Then guess what happened this week at Church for us? We had 12 less active members attend sacrament meeting. I am thrilled at those numbers it means that the less actives are feeling the love of the members and are being welcomed back in to their home. We met a less active this week with a member who we have been trying to contact several times and she would hide from us or pretend she isn't home. She was out in the yard doing laundry and we were able to talk with her, she still has a testimony but has some pretty serious word of wisdom problems right now. As we learned this, I realized I have never had to help someone with something like that because she is the first who has told us about something like that. So hopefully she will let us teach her again and help her remember all that she has been taught and the things that she knows. This week President and Sister Dahle are working with us so that will be exciting! I'll let you know how that goes. Oh and before I forget I experienced my first rainy day, it was Tuesday. The sky looked like it might rain and then we were out walking and there was a clash of thunder and it poured for like 15 minutes. Everyone took cover and got under some shelter, we all just stood there waiting for the rain to stop cause if you weren't under shelter you were drenched like a rat! It was quite the experience but luckily nothing got wet on me! 
Sorry for no pictures this week. I will take more this week and send them to you all! 
Mahal Ko Kayo lahat! 
Sister Hansen 

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