Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week 5 MTC

So much has happened this week!  I hope I can get it all into my short amount of time I have. So after emailing last week, we got to go to the temple. I did sealings for the first time. It was really cool to be in the sealing room and to hear all the blessings of a sealing. Today, we get to do another live endowment for our zone,  its so weird to be the ones who have been here the longest now. We are the oldest district here in our zone... so crazy!!! Time flies.
 So on Sunday, we got to do our usual Temple Walk and that was great, except it was the last time we got to take pictures with our group that was leaving on Thursday. It was really fun to be able to see them off, I sure will miss them though. We also got to hear from Elder Allen, this is actually the second time we got to hear from him here. It was really cool to hear from him again. He spoke on the importance of being with our Kasama (companion). He said that we are given kasamas to have as a protection and to be our protection. It was an amazing talk. He also said that we know what we know in our hearts but they(Kasama) don't always know what is in our hearts so we need to tell them all the time that we love them and that we need them and all the things we love about them. 
Monday - It was Elder Andrews birthday so we decorated the classroom with balloons and streamers and tried to keep him out so that he would be surprised when he got to class. He saw before but it turned out OK. I don't think anyone besides my kasama and I so it was all good. It was so fun and our teacher even sent donuts to us for his birthday. 
Tuesday- We sang Consider the Lilies for choir in the devotional (just for you Malia). That day we also heard from Elder Johnson and he spoke on faith. I really loved his talk and then the night just showed us how important faith is. So, the Trio in our district, took Sister Blake to the doctor.  Sister Blake just kept feeling like her heart was in her throat all the time. So they went and after the devotional we realized  they still weren't back and we were a little worried but then they walked in.  Sister Blake came in with a lot of monitors attached to her and almost on the brink of tears. It was really scary. She reported that the doctors told her she had heart palpitations (irregular heart rate). When we asked what she needed, she replied,"a blessing and that she would have the faith  that she needs to be able to heal to fly to the the Philippines when the rest of the district goes." At that moment, we were all in tears. We really don't want to go without her and we know how important it is for her to be with us. So we are all praying and fasting for her this Sunday, and if she could be included in your prayers as well I would appreciate it. We are all praying for her to get better, and want for her to be able to join us. 
Wednesday - I got to host. I actually got to host an international missionary from Tahiti. I'm pretty sure she is going to the Philippines as well,  speaking cebuano. I also helped with several other sisters. Hosting was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I thought to see the missionaries with their families and see them so sad be harder but it wasn't. It did help me a lot to remember how far I have come and to think that I am still doing so great. Plus we just found out we get to host again on Wednesday
Thursday - Was a pretty tough day but we got to Skype with a member who was in Quezon, Philippines, her name is Blossom. We skyped at 6:30 pm here and it was Friday morning there 9:30 am.
And Yesterday!!!! WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!!!!!
We leave here Thursday March 5, at 3:35 am for our flight. We are flying from Salt Lake to Tokyo Japan. and then to Manila. 

Also I heard that I get to email on Wednesday March 4 and most likely when we land. I don't know the best way to call I have heard several parents are sending disposable phones that can just be trashed and that makes the most sense to me. I don't know if I will be able to call in Tokyo I hope, but we will see. 

This was the best! We have had some tough nights this week and sometimes we just laugh and sometimes we take turns rotating beds and letting each other cry about everything. Wednesday was a crying night and we just moved around and comforted each other, it was really good to see and hear from everyone. Then we just all were in such a weird mood and we were sitting in bed crying and some sister from the floor below came up and was telling us to be quiet and we were just all saying "well, we are just up here crying no big deal". Then one of the sisters in my room, sits up and says I just need to throw something and another sister replied, "well, throw your pillow and I'll throw it back", she responded, "nope, not good enough, can a throw an apple?" The other sister said, "I guess so" and the next thing we hear is crack. The sister chucked the apple at the wall by another sister's head. Then said, "that felt really good". We all busted up laughing our heads off until we heard a small knock on the door and we all turn completely silent. Luckily, we didn't get in trouble it was just Sister Snyder who was leaving the following morning to the Philippines. It is our biggest joke right now.  Sister Edrington still has a hiccup about every 20 minutes and it is hilarious when someone asks a question and as we are then thinking about the answer, she hiccups! No one can stop laughing and now one of our Guro's makes this face like a fish that is freaking out without air. So when poor Sister Edringon hiccups that's all we can think about is his face. Some say it sounds like a lamb and others a fish. 
Also do you want to hear some Filipino jokes? 
a squid is called a pusit so a backwards squid is an a-pusit (opposite)
What is too big in Tagalog? Tubig is water in tagalog so it is really confusing and funny
tuhod is knees so one knee is a onehod
Yes, these jokes are super corny but we all just laugh and laugh at them. apparently my humor will turn super corny after being in the Philippines. 
So hopefully these words aren't repeats but I don't remember the words I have sent
Kaibigan - friend
tiwala - trust
sikap - try
tagapagligtas - savior
Juan Bautista - John the Baptist
Kamusta po kayo - how are you
Also, Mahal Kita is only said to people like really close boyfriends or girlfriends or to parents so if you just want to say love you (to a group) its mahal ko kayo
Mahal Ko Kayo Pamilya ko
Sister Hansen

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