Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week 3 MTC

     I cannot believe I am about half way through my time in the MTC!  So much has happened this week and last week,I don't really know where to start. I guess I will share some funny experiences! Remember when we were teaching our first investigator, Ace? We tried to teach him about Adam and Eve and how they partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. My kasama (companion) (sorry I have to remember to use all the Tagalog I know) anyway, she started telling him that Adam and Eve partook of blindness because the word for fruit and blindness is really similar. We actually got him to break character and we all laughed for a while. 
     On another night, my companion said she would kill a teacher (Guro). She was actually trying to say she was dying but you know the same thing, right? Also that same day she also accused the Guro of feeling her up instead of saying that she felt something in her heart so you know we are doing great here! 
     Hope these help at home, they sure do make me laugh everytime. The last thing, one of our Guro's is new (Brother Cobb) well on accident we were told that his first name is Newell so we tease him all the time about being Brother Newell so then he left his scripture in the classroom and they have his middle name on them so Sister Goodman asked when he was getting married and if he would name his child Palmer (his middle name) he turned beet red and walked out of the room laughing. He is the best! It's so fun to have humor here because otherwise we just might cry all the time!!!!!
So, for my week, it was very eventful. Mostly Thursday. So my Kasama has been getting really dizzy and that day she then had chest pains which was super scary. So we went to the Doctor to have her looked at and then got to go to the health clinic, Field Trip! Can you believe what I was tempted with outside the walls of the MTC........ a television!  You know Peg+Cat and Dinosaur train is super tempting :) just kidding. 
I read a talk by Jeffery R. Holland about the blessings and costs of being a disciple of Christ in the May 2014 Ensign. I really needed to hear what he said. He talked about we must all go through so much in order to really appreciate all that Christ has given us because if it is so easy all the time we would forget about Christ and everything He had to endure in order to perform the Atonement for every one of us. I also realized why I struggled so much last week and it was because every person that spoke spoke on how we must be the absolute best we can be and I never felt that I could do all that was being asked of me.  I had the memory of Kirk's class that if we are willing to give 100% in his class then he would give 100% and we would get exactly what we need out of it. Well I never realized the same principle applies here at the MTC, for some people to hear that they need to do their best is exactly what they need to hear, but for me I need to know that I am giving it my 100% and that if that puts me at a middle level missionary than for me I am giving all that I have and that is all that the Lord is asking of me. I don't need to be the top of the group for me to be considered at the best. Right now my best is to be doing everything in my power and that is when the Lord will step in and finish all the rest. 
After realizing that, I had a lot of miracles (mga himala) this week. First was Thursday night we were teaching our investigator Polo (our teacher Brother Corry) who is pretending to be one of his investigators from his mission. We were planning on teaching him about the Plan of Salvation but instead invited him to be baptized and he accepted. We talked about repentance (pagsisisi) and he worried that he could not be clean because he had so many mistakes in his life. So I had him read D&C 18:22 and shared with him in super broken Tagalog that I knew that no matter how many problems, mistakes, sins he had that God does not look at those and every one of them will no longer be there after a full repentance. I felt the spirit so strong that night and I know that I was given help to speak as much as I possibly could in Tagalog. 
2nd Miracle was a 2 new districts of Sisters ( and 1 Elder) came in on Wednesday. It was really great to see how far I have come in just over 2 weeks compared to how I started. 
Super Excited for Nathan and Tina!!!!! Sad she will be so big when I finally get to meet her! Also I told all my roommates about Katie and Dan's baby, they all loved the name and so do I! I also got my package and am so happy I could finally not wear glasses, my ears kill me every time I put them on! The treats you sent, as hard as I try to share, no one will accept my offerings, so I will probably be huge when I leave the MTC!
 I know I am  jumping around but we are teaching 3 investigators right now. We taught our 3rd last night, he is a less active member and is hilarious (its brother Cobb) seriously there is no one like him. He also served in Olongapo so there is a very slight chance I could meet this investigator in real life. And last but not least Tagalog words I have learned or at least some of them. 
Magandang Umaga - good morning
Pugsunod- obedience
Kaloob ng mga wika - gift of tongues
Pugsubok - trials
Pugbablik-loob - conversion ( it literally means return inside) I thought that was super cool to think about
Pasienya - patience or sorry
walang anuman - your welcome or no problem
kasipagan- hard work
Diyos -God
Jesucristo- Jesus Christ
mahal kita - I love you all
makabuluhan - meaningful
Well I love to hear from everyone so feel free to write, all the time! I get Dear Elder letters during the week so I love getting to read them anytime but emails are fun as well. Also, let me know if there are any words you want to know I will happily look them up for you.
Mahal kita,
Sister Hansen

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