Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb. 9th, Handwritten Letter

Dear Family,

First off happy late birthday Tatay(father) I forget the days while I am here. Thanks so much for the last package you sent me. I am currently eating as I write this. I just wanted to share my notes from the devotional last night. Brother Kelly Mills spoke to us. He is over all of  the International MTC's so we got to see a picture of the Manila MTC,  we get to stay for 5 days upon our arrival in the Philippines. Also, a few things I forgot in my letter we spoke with a sister from Austraila who just got home from Olongapo. She guessed where we all will be going. I will put it in here when I find where it is written down. So, back to the talks Sister Mills said from Christ walk with me, it's not so much your abilities but my works to be done. I love that! Also, how music is a universal language so we should use it. It's amazing to hear my district sing in Tagalog because at that point it doesn't matter how much we know or how well we sing the hymn, the hymn sounds absolutely beautiful and super amazingly spiritual. Then Bro Mills told us how he learned in shop class that if you sand the edges of the wood, the middle will take care of it's self, and that the edges are all of God's children around us we then will become smooth. How cool!
Quick side note, I might be learning a song on the piano to accompany a couple sisters of my district. Guess how many sisters we have in our zone now? 35 sisters and 7 elders. Crazy huh? The SD card has pictures so if you can't tell Sister Gibbs is a brunette. Sister Hamson is tall. Sister Goodman is short Sister Blake has long brown hair. Sister Edringtond has naturally curly hair and Sister Glick has medium/shoulder length black hair. Elder Bray is half Philippino and Elder Andrews is super tall. So anyway, the guesses are:
Elder Bray--Castillo Jose
Elder Andrews--Lizon
Sister Goodman---San Nariiso
Sister Gibbs--Abukay
Sister Hamson--San Torio
Sister Hansen----Lubon(She said you pronounce it Cowbell)
So we will see, right? Well, let me know if you want any more questions answered and I will give my Tagalog words for the day. Also, tell Bria and Ada that I love seeing their cute pictures and hearing that they are praying for me. I miss you all but know that I have left you in the best hands while I am away. Oh, and I almost forgot we made a declaration as a district. It is:
 I am a happy, courageous, faithful, obedient, confident, worthwhile, servant of God.
 Also, quick question to mom where are you getting pictures from? Several sisters asked if their moms could also get these pictures/talk with one another. So here is my scripture I have memorized
Kabanata sampu bersiqulo lima at sa pamamagitan ngkapangyarihan ng espiritu santo, malalaman ninyo ang katotohanan ng lahat ng bagay. Mahal kita pamilya ko (I love you my family). Alam ko po na this is the isang totoong simbahan. Alam ko po na propeta si joseph smith. I know that with the help of God translanted the book of mormon(aklatni mormon). I see himalas every day here in the MTC and know I will see more in the field alam ko po na mga salita ng diyos ang aklat ni mormon.
Mahal Kita,
Sister Hansen
P.S. I can prepare.....Do you want me to call home from the airport? I am allowed to but I leave here around 3:30am and my flight may leave around 8:30 so it may be like 4-6am? Just let me know so I  can get a call the deal with my companion was an overdose of potassium and salt both were in some acne medicine she took twice a day. She then ate like three bananas a day and also drank a ton of water so she flushed her system. She is all better now. Things are really great for both of us we have found a way to both be happy. I hope I get to see the Cherrington's as well! I love you all.
Sister Hansen

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