Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 22 & 23

We did not hear from Sister Hansen for two weeks due to several illnesses. Two weeks ago Teesh's companion wasn't feeling well so they came back to the apartment to rest. Within a few hours, all 4 housemates were all not feeling well and Teesh seemed to be the worst. The mission  president wife was contacted when Teesh's fever reached 103. A nearby neighbor took all 4 missionaries to the hospital. A kind Sister White held Teesh's hand while her blood was drawn and Teesh said she was not even coherent enough when the IV was placed. Blessing on both accounts as Teesh has a fear of needles.
Within a few days, Teesh was checked for appendicitis and amoebas. Both tests came back negative, thank goodness. The other sisters all had parasites but Teesh continued with symptoms with very little relief of discomfort.
Day 6 Teesh was released from the hospital and transferred to the  MRC(Missionary Recovery Center) it is located in Manila as part of the Manila MTC. Teesh said there is a Dr from the United States who is called to serve the entire Philippines. He wants to look Teesh over himself and try to get to the bottom of why after this long the symptoms still persist.
It was great to email with Teesh for a little while. She seems upbeat and optimistic. She appreciates all your prayers on her behalf and is excited to get back out there to serve the Lord.
Sister Hansen sends her love and hopes everyone is doing well. Congrats Nathan and Tina on an adorable baby girl and she loves the name you chose.
Hoping next week all will have returned to normal!

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