Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 21

Well, no fires in the church this week luckily!  We had a week of finding new investigators! In this week alone we met and taught 22 new investigators. 2 days in a row we taught 8 investigators. I have never heard of anything like that before. This Sunday, we had an area broadcast where we heard from Elder Neil L. Anderson and several other General Authorities. The message they had for us is we need to be willing to be the one to stand up and do something. They said multiple times will you be the one? We all have the opportunity to stand and to be the one to help another and its such an amazing gift we have all been given. 
We had exchanges this week but since I am so new here we just had the STL come and go on exchanges with Sister Restorque. So she got to see our day to day here. That was fun! But I am so glad I wasn't on exchanges I am still turned around in this new area. Once I get to some areas, I am OK, but sometimes they all look the same. There are a lot of kids here and since I am sometimes the only white/red person around the kids all follow and say Barbie Barbie. The kids all joke with my last name too and say Sister Hansel (Hansel is a brand of crackers like ritz crackers). I love being around more kids here they are the best! It's a lot easier to practice my new sentences on them because they are very honest with you. If you can understand what they respond to you. The language is still hard but I am taking it one sentence at a time to really know what I am saying to people. It's a strange thing to try and figure out the things you really want the person to hear and then to say it as simply and clearly as you can. It makes it really hard sometimes to do that but at the same time it really makes you question what is the most important that these people need to hear. Do they really need the extra fluff or do they just need to know that Jesus Christ is their Savior. I never realized before how much of the gospel got so confusing to all of us because we want more. The gospel really is simple and it is meant to be that way. The gospel is meant for everyone old or young smart or not. The gospel is all encompassing and is truly the greatest thing we have. The gospel really does bring us the most peace of mind and the best comfort in the world. I love that the church doesn't change whether you are in Salt Lake City or you are in the Philippines, it is the same.
 It's such a comfort to me to think that every Sunday I get to participate in the same sacred ordinance of the sacrament here that you do as well, you just take it 13 hours later ;) 
I love being here and having the opportunity to touch the lives of those around me. I have the same opportunity here to be an example of our Savior, Jesus Christ that you do at home and it is such a great opportunity. To learn of Him and to be able to show others the things he does for each of us all the time. This week the phrase I have really been touched by is that Jesus Christ is the center of our message. It really is true that Jesus Christ is the reason we do all that we do as missionaries. Not for members not for numbers but for Jesus Christ. All we do is help those around us see the example of Jesus Christ and teach them of His gospel and plan for us. I am so grateful and glad for my opportunity to serve as a servant of my Savior Jesus Christ and to help those around me better know Him. I love you all! and hope your week is amazing! 
Sister Hansen  

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