Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 2 MTC

Wow! Another week has already gone by. My schedule is pretty much the same as before just wake up get ready go to class to learn Tagalog then gym then get ready again then more class and then throw meal time in there. It feels like forever since I last wrote to you all. So I will start with last Saturday we got to go to the temple that was super cool! Then Sunday again to walk up there and get pictures with everyone so I'll send them if I figure it out. We had a devotional on Sunday by Elder Allen and he spoke on how we are doing the right thing and how we will be blessed for the things we are doing. We also learned that we must be just one step ahead of our investigators in order to be able to help teach them and I love that Kirk says the same thing it shows how close he is to the Savior. 
So there are people who are investigating the gospel that walk around the MTC and wear golden tags. We have yet to meet one, but some of the sisters in our district have and say that this lady is so sad because she feels like she has no worth in anyone's eyes not even God's.  I thought how horrible that is that she feels that way but I also thought of all the people I do know a lot about feeling that way and how to overcome those feelings. I want to help her with that if nothing else. It's hard also because I want her to feel good about herself but I know that it will not be that way. 
On Tuesday, we sang in the choir for the devotional. I felt that the devotional was given specifically for me. Elder Kacher and his wife spoke, they gave all of these suggestions that we as missionaries can and need to do.  He spoke about how there are varying levels of missionaries and that to be the top, we must forget about everything, where our meals will come from, all of our insecurities, absolutely everything in order to be the best of the best missionaries. That really helped me to see the importance of being in the MTC to begin to lose those things before being sent out into the world to mess up and to get into trouble.

 It's crazy to think that when I got in here, the Sister Training Leaders were barely into their second week and now my companion and I  are in the same boat. I loved getting the letters that came from you all on the Dear Elder. It's great because I get them any day of the week printed out so I can read them when you send them and not just on Saturdays. Also, with the letters my departure date is March 5th and my Unit # is 101.
I'm just going to review your letters and hope I get all of the questions answered, It was super cute to hear how Bria and Ada are taking all of this in to hear that they pray for me on my field trip and that I can curl their hair I love it. Also congrats to Katie and Dan on the new baby! 
Here's to another week! 
Mahal Kita,
Sister Hansen

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