Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week 24

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have actually sat down to write a letter to everyone at home. 
For now, I am still  in the MRC, Missionary Recovery Center, which has been a lot of fun! I have taken the MRC on as my area for now and I am doing all that I can to help the senior couples here to progress this area just as I would any other area. It was a great experience to be here with Sister Glick. She was in my district in the MTC. We spent several days together here and got all caught up on the last couple months. We have been given so many opportunities to serve others. I have learned so much about how being sick and feeling like it would be completely acceptable to be sick and only care for myself, but to instead turn and help these little children who live in a place like the Ronald McDonald home called Mabuhay.  These poor little children are awaiting medical treatments and it was such an amazing thing to think that we as missionaries have the opportunity to serve in a way that we never realize. We have cared for those who are less fortunate than us. We have been able to take care of those around us who are in a much worse state than we are. We also went to a cancer hospital for little children, and to see the smiles on all of their little faces as we sang "The Wheels on the Jeepney" and "If you're Happy and you Know it". You really learn a lot about the Savior and His work here on the earth, His love for each and every one of us. It reminds me of a talk by Elder David A. Bednar we listened to in the MTC about Christ and how even in the darkest of His days He still turned outward to serve others and to care for those around Him. I have learned that in the days when you are really feeling your absolute best it is so easy to turn and to serve and care for those around you but to turn and really serve when even you are the one who could be the one receiving that same care, it really changes you. I have been able to go over several times and serve in the temple, in the laundry and actually was able to do a session. I was pretty much bent over the whole time in pain but I did help someone to progress in their life. The other thing we have been focusing on a lot right now is indexing and working on the other side of the veil. So far, of all the missionaries here, I have been a part of training them all to be indexers and just within the month of July so far we have indexed 27 batches of names to be sent to the temple for work. 
For right now, I love being able to fulfill my purpose here in the small ways that I am able to. Even though I am not out teaching people in front of me, I have the opportunity to use my time here as a missionary to progress the work for those on the other side of the veil to receive their ordinances. I had the opportunity to speak with a senior couple sister who said the best thing to me. She said that the Lord knows our mission plans and because for me its been 2 weeks now that I haven't been able to work it doesn't mean that my mission has come to a stop. I have still been the same missionary on the same mission even though right now I am not in my proselyting area, this is just my temporary area to be able to learn the lessons that I would only be able to learn here in this area.
 I really do know that my Father in Heaven has a plan for me, especially for my mission and that this time is all apart of my experience on my mission. I am still a missionary here and I still have a work to do, just right now I get the opportunity to turn and let the Lord work on me instead of working on other people. I really know that to be the truth. I am so very grateful for all of the miracles, the opportunities and the experiences that I have been given here and I am just trusting that my Heavenly Father will provide the rest of the way for me here as well. I hope all is well with you all there and I am so excited to hear the experiences from all of you! 
Mahal Kita,
Sister Hansen

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